This is a product specially designed by recruiters:

  • Meaningful job brief & pre-screening at scale
  • Any device, any time, no installations needed on mobile phone or laptops
  • Meet the candidate beyond the CV
  • Spot the right candidate to meet in few clicks
  • Transparent data on your candidate sourcing channel performance

Screenany provides

  • Video job brief by a real recruiter
  • Candidate responses by conversation and videos
  • Simple yet powerful ATS customized to your need
  • Our sourcing channels and integration of yours
  • Recruitment data and KPI metrics

a Mobile-On-the-Go Recruiter

Job applicants like talking to real person more than boring text job ads. They want to explore the job scope and company before they go further to screening stages.

Our recruiters offer a helping hand on the job brief and the right questions to ask, to save time for both you and applicants, and maximize the candidate applications by “ScreenAny”.

Click the “play” button on the right to experience as a job applicant now.

Automated & Asynchronous Pre-screening

Now, you can get all the factual information you may need before face-to-face interview. They response to you by video, voice messages, text and multiple choices answers.


  1. You know the salary breakdowns in advance to ensure job budget meeting the candidate expectation
  2. You know whether the candidates are open for shifts, working locations and their reason for leavings

Recruitment Funnel Performance Metrics

After using ScreenAny, you can identify:

  1. Sourcing channel performance:
    How many applicants from both online and offline sourcing channel, e.g. job boards, career page, job expo, storefronts etc.
  2. Response rate of every questions you asked
  3. Candidate interest level after job brief and company introduction

and many more hiring metrics which are fuel to improve the efficiency and effective recruitment process

Gain Additional Candidate Sources

  • Enhanced job ads based on market insights
  • Recruit by our channels
  • Integrate your job ads & offline channels

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